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WWTS Update: Carolyn Le

Carolyn was the lucky recipient of a Writing With the Stars picture book mentorship with author Camille Andros. Here is what Carolyn had to say about her experience. 


I was looking for a fresh perspective on my manuscripts when I applied for the Writing With the Stars Mentorship. They had gone through several revisions with my writing group, plus rounds of rejections and silence from agents and editors. From the comments I did receive, I knew there was something missing. When I read Publishers Weekly’s descriptions of Camille Andros’ picture books Charlotte the Scientist is Squished (Spring 2017) and The Dress and the Girl (Fall 2018), I knew she was someone I wanted to work with. Her books were the type of stories I enjoy reading and were the type of stories I aspire to write: humorous, character–driven and full of heart.

Besides providing a fresh perspective, Camille Andros was encouraging and enthusiastically supportive. She patiently answered my questions, provided links to websites and gave clear examples that addressed the issues I was having with my manuscripts. She was honest in her critiques and provided specific writing exercises to help me tell my story better, create stronger characters and develop a stronger story arc. She challenged me to push myself. When she suggested I rewrite one of my stories, I wasn’t sure I could do it. I had been working on it for three years with many stops and starts, and I couldn’t imagine what else I could write. The exercises she suggested helped me find the heart in my story. I was able to rewrite the story, and I found myself excited about the manuscript again.

Thank you, Tara and Becky, for this amazing mentorship opportunity. And thank you, Camille, for sharing your time, your experience in navigating the industry and your enthusiastic encouragement. This has been an invaluable experience. I’ve developed new skills and have a better understanding of the picture book genre. I look forward to querying agents with the manuscripts that I have edited with Camille’s help.


Thank you Carolyn. Camille’s next book, The Dress and the Girl comes out Fall ’18. IF you have not seen her book, Charlotte the Scientist is Squished, check it out. It is amazing.  



  1. Melanie Ellsworth says:

    Thanks for sharing about your experience, Carolyn. It’s such a wonderful feeling to get excited again about an old manuscript after putting it on the back burner.

  2. David McMullin says:

    This is wonderful, Carolyn. I’m so glad you got this opportunity, and were able to make such great progress with your manuscripts. Camille sounds like she was fantastic to work with.

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