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WWTS Mentee Update: Anna Cosper

Anna won a mentorship with author Carter Higgins via Writing with the Stars. Here are a few words from Anna on her experience.

Some months ago, I was selected by the brilliant Carter Higgins for a 2019 WWTS mentorship – just being chosen for the mentorship was like a huge happy balloon filling and bursting in my chest! Carter wrote the nicest, most enthusiastic introduction email that put me in a good mood for months. I wanted to buy you a huge bouquet of flowers Tara, or a kitten – or a car! The good this program does for its participants is hard to measure (and some people like flowers better than cars). For now, this blog post will have to do.

​Carter was a great fit for me for the mentorship—she jived with my style, my personality and my goals and was very accommodating and supportive.

I am super charmed by Carter’s books and love how they are completely themselves. I am also super charmed by Carter, the sweetest, happiest, funniest, most enthusiastic mentor I could have wished for. ​​We had marvelous fun. She helped me find a context and framing for my work within the industry by really helping to describe my work in new ways – she has been a huge confidence booster (like winning the Olympics kind of confidence boost)​. Everything she told me was multiplied ​by​ my admiration for her​, kind of like that kid who’s been practicing guitar in his garage and all of a sudden gets a compliment from ​Keith Richards.​ I soaked up everything Carter said​. I​t has ​made my work stronger and ​has given me the needed boost to go out and submit more.​​

Tara, you have hooked me up with a wonderful new friend in the industry and I am so, so grateful for that. ​Your work on this program enriches the work of so many budding authors and illustrators – I hope WWTS continues for many years and that I can return the favor somewhere down the road.