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Congratulations to the Writing with the Stars Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of 2019 Writing with the Stars. These lucky people have won a three month mentorship with a published author and or illustrator.


Lindsay Ward selected two mentees, one for illustration and one for writing.  Her Illustration mentee is Pamela Couvignou and her writing mentee is Kiley Orchard.

Diana Murray selected Rachel Hamby as her mentee.

Laura Gehl selected Joan Maher as her mentee.

Tammi Sauer selected Ashley Bankhead as her mentee.

Tim McCanna selected Jennifer Broedel as his mentee.

Adam Lehrhaupt selected Amy O’Hanlon as his mentee.

Melissa Iwai and Denis Markell selected Leigh Anne Carter as their mentee.

Cate Berry selected Jennifer Raudenbush as her mentee.

Dev Petty selected Shay McClean as her mentee.

Deb Pilutti selected Danette Byatt as her mentee.

Deborah Marcero selected Chad Hunter as her mentee.

Andrea Wang selected Ellen Lee as her mentee.

Carter Higgins selected Anna Cosper as her mentee.

Catherine Bailey selected Stephanie Bleser as her mentee.

Pam Calvert selected Becky Shillington as her mentee.

Jason Gallaher selected Laura Lavoie as his mentee.

Congratulations to all!

Writing with the Stars will be back on December 1, 2019 with the new mentor class for 2020.

Thanks to the mentors, who make this possible, and the applicants for putting yourself out there.