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2018 Writing with the Stars Winners


Congratulations to the following people who won mentorships in the 2018 Writing with the Stars contest.


Hui Li will be working with Melissa Iwai and Denis Markell.

Becky Scharnhorst will be working with Laura Gehl.

Manju Howard will be working with Rachel Ruiz.

Justin Colón will be working with Pam Calvert.

Deb O’Brien will be working with Corey Rosen Schwartz.

Kellie Byrnes will be working with Adam Lehrhaupt.

Vong Bidania will be working with Jennifer K Mann.

Adriana Bergstrom will be working with Brianne Farley.

Sandra Salsbury will be working with Lindsay Ward.

Pamela Courtney will be working with Andrea Loney.

Elaine D’Alessandro will be working with Annie Silvestro.

L.Michelle Quraishi will be working with Jody Jensen Shaffer.

Jamie Nanfara will be working with Josh Funk.

Jolene Gutiérrez will be working with Stacy McAnulty.

Bennett Dixon will be working with Alastair Heim.

Catherine Friess will be working with Lori Degman.


  1. Pamela Courtney says:

    I appreciate this opportunity so much. Thank you to everyone involved. This is gong to be a blast. You founders made it all possible. I am grateful. Andrea, I’m excited.

  2. C.L. Murphy says:

    Congratulations to all of the lucky winners! A big thanks to Tara and the wonderful mentors for giving back to the kid lit community!

  3. Sherri Jones Rivers says:

    What a fabulous journey each of you has. May you soak it all up. And Tara, you are to be commended for taking the time to present this opportunity for us writers.

  4. Catherine Friess says:

    Huge congratulations to all the winners. I am so excited that I will be working with Lori!

    A big thank you to Tara for organising such a great contest :o)

  5. Laura Gehl says:

    The dedication and talent that came through in all of the applications I read was astounding. I hope to meet many of you in person in the future and to see your books on the shelves in my bookstore in a few years. Thank you for sharing your work with me!

  6. David McMullin says:

    Congratulations, to the winners. Enjoy, learn, grow, and work your bottoms off! I know you are all going to produce great manuscripts.

  7. Tracey Brown says:

    Thank you, Tara and all the mentors for your hard work and generosity. Congratulations and best wishes to all the mentees!

  8. Phyllis Karpen says:

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.
    Gave me the chance to really look at my writing style through the application. I’m branching out! See you next year! (unless I get published)

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