Writing With the Stars new 2018 Contest is up!


The lineup for the 2018 mentor class is up on the site.  Please consider participating or sharing with those who could benefit. It is an amazing group of authors we have this year once again. http://beckytarabooks.com/wwts-contest/



  1. Giselle Jones says:

    Hello Becky and Tara

    Your story is very inspiring and I would love to be part of the mentor programme. Although I am English, not American – though I did live in the Bahamas when I was very young, and I live in France now with my family, so that may pose a problem? I have written several stories some finished, loads half done. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes Gisellexxx

    • Tara Luebbe says:


      The WWTS program is open to anyone no matter where they live as long as they are a serious writer. The deadline for 2018 has passed so check again in December for details for next year. Thanks Tara

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