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Questions about Writing with the Stars

Q: How do I check the square boxes on the application?

 A: You can highlight them or similar. Just make sure it is obvious to us that it is selected.

Q: Do I have to send the same manuscript to all three of my mentor choices?

A: No, you are free to tailor each application to that person’s taste if you choose.

Q: How much does WWTS cost?

A: It is free. The mentors are donating their time and talent to give back. We would ask that you support their books, give them reviews on Amazon, tell your local librarian, buy them or whatever else you can to show your thanks.

Q: Is the contest open to non US residents?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I send my applications in as soon as they are ready?

A: No. The submission window is January 13-16 only. On January 16 you have until 11:59 pm EST to submit. 

Q: Do illustrators have to submit complete dummies?

A: You can submit whatever work you wish in whatever form: dummies, sketches, single images, online portfolio. You want to send your best work that gives the mentor enough information to get a good sense of your talent.

Q: Does being published in a magazine count as published?

A: No. The industries are very different so you can still apply.

Q: My application page is over two pages long. Is that ok?

A: Yes, but please keep to the 250 word limits where specified. Also think about the mentors reading a lot of these and try to be as brief as possible while still saying what you need to. If you are too wordy, you risk them skimming it. Consider it a writing challenge to get all you need to cover in a succinct manner, with your personality shining through.

Q: Can I send the application in pages or other Mac formats?

A: No, everything must be in Word for writers or for illustrators Word or PDF. We can not open Mac formats. 

Q: Why did I only get one email confirmation receipt but sent three email applications?

A: Gmail will only send one confirmation per email address every four days so if you submit them all on the same day, you will receive only one confirmation for the first one email sent. Email two and three will not get a confirmation. If you receive a confirmation, all is well for all of your emails. If you do not receive ANY confirmation let us know or re-send. 

Q: When will the results be announced?

A: January 31 at 11:00 am EDT on Twitter using the hashtag #PBWWTS. After the winners announcements have all gone out live, a complete list will be posted on my blog here on this website. Individual winners will receive an email after the results are made public. 

Q: Is there going to be a Writing with the Stars 2018?

A: Yes. This was our inaugural year of the contest, so hopefully we have worked out the kinks and plan to be back next year.